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Common Phone Issues at Cell Phone Repair Store in Pensacola

Phones are the most commonly and frequently used gadgets and therefore require regular maintenance and repair. If smaller issues are not dealt with in the beginning, they end up causing irreversible damage to the phone. Therefore, you must hire a highly reliable cell phone repair store in Pensacola to deal with all your cell phone-related problems.

At Mobile Solutions, we have a highly trained team of individual experts that deal with your phone-related problems. We have hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials that show that we are competent and what we do. We are available to assist you regardless of your issue, whether it be a cracked screen, a touch screen that won’t work, or a zoom issue. The most typical smartphone screen issues are listed below, along with our suggestions for fixing them. Remember to back up your data before attempting to identify the cause of the screen issues on your phone.

Common Phone Issues at Cell Phone Repair Store in Pensacola

Hanging Phone

Although a frozen phone screen is annoying, most fixes are straightforward. Your phone’s screen may begin to freeze more frequently if it’s an older model or one that has run out of storage. To see whether it solves your issue, restart your phone. If it doesn’t work and you have an older phone with a removable battery, try taking out the battery and then replacing it in your phone before restarting it.

You may “soft reset” more recent smartphones. Depending on the iPhone generation, there are different buttons that you must press. However, if it doesn’t get better, take help from a professional expert at a cell phone repair store in Pensacola. For the majority of iPhones, depress and release the volume down button while continuing to hold down the power button. Releasing the power button will allow the Apple logo to appear on your screen. Hold the power and volume down buttons for 7 to 10 seconds on a Samsung phone. Release your grip on those buttons once you see the Samsung logo on the screen.

Lines and Discoloration on the Screen

Damage to the device itself is the most frequent reason for vertical lines on the screen of your iPhone. It typically denotes that the ribbon cables or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) on your phone are bent or damaged. Typically, a heavy fall of your phone results in this kind of damage.

You cannot fix it on your own, and therefore you need the expertise of a professional at a computer repair in Pensacola. Make sure that they use an authentic screen for screen replacement on your phone.

iPhone Zooming Out

The “Zoom Out” option on your lock screen could be hard to turn off if it’s already active. By using three fingers to double-tap your screen, you can solve that problem. There are many other tips and tricks to make the usage of your phone more convenient. An iPhone expert can help you in this regard.

Flickering Screen

Depending on the model, there are various reasons why the display on your phone may be flickering. An app, a piece of software, or damage to your phone might all be the root of screen flickering issues. However, most of the time it is due to the damage caused by falling off your phone. It also may be caused due to water damage. If you take your phone to a reliable cell phone repair store in Pensacola, you can get the problem diagnosed as soon as possible. When you get it diagnosed sooner, it might be helpful for you.

The screen is Dark

The hardware in your phone is probably malfunctioning if your screen is completely black. The recommended course of action is to bring your phone to technicians at an android repair in Pensacola rather than attempting a hard reset at home. Software crashes can occasionally cause your phone to freeze and go dark.

A lot of your data could be lost if you risk doing a hard reset of your phone at home. If you bring your phone to a professional, they can establish whether the problem is with the phone’s board, screen, or other parts. Instead of performing a risky hard reset that could erase all of your phone’s data, you may be able to fix your screen issue in some cases by performing a simple “soft reset.”

Touch Screen Errors

Touch screens function by recognizing where the area of your screen is being touched and determining the actions you want to take as a result. Take your touch screen to a cell phone repair so that they can examine it and determine what is causing it to malfunction if it is having problems. A crack in the touch digitizer is the most frequent reason for touch screen issues. Replacing your device’s screen will instantly address this issue.

To Wrap it Up!

At Mobile Solutions, we are equipped with all the right equipment and tools to fix your mobile issues. Our expertise and experience makes us one of the top-rated cell phone repair store in Pensacola

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