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No Phone Vibration? Try These Solutions By A Cell Phone Repair Store

Some people prefer keeping their volume down instead of keeping the volume high to avoid giving inconvenience to other people. In this situation, vibration is always the best option. You can simply put your phone on vibration and get alert of your important notifications without disturbing others. But what if you cannot put your phone on vibration? Here are some solutions that can help you with the vibration issue in your phone. Consider a professional cell phone repair store in Pensacola services for the best repair results. Talk to Mobile Solutions and let us know your phone issues so that we can solve them for you.

No Phone Vibration: Solutions By A Cell Phone Repair Store

First of all, check the vibration settings of your device to fix vibration issues. Or you can look into the accessibility settings to figure out the problem. Moreover, you can try modifying vibration intensity for better results and test the vibration motor to see where the problem is. Also, you can reset app preferences or try putting your phone in safe mode for solving this issue. Last but not least try installing a software update on your device or factory resetting your phone to get help with this issue. Or hire a cell phone repair store in Pensacola services for further help.

Check Vibration Settings

Call, touch, and gesture vibration patterns may be changed on Android smartphones. Check your phone’s settings to ensure all notifications vibrate. Use Settings for Sound. “Always vibrate” is the option after “Vibrate during calls.” Return to Sound settings. Select vibrations from the Other Sounds and Vibrations section at the bottom of the menu. Ask a phone and computer repair in Pensacola to help you if you are not able to locate this setting.

Check Accessibility Settings

Verify that the vibration is not turned off in the Android’s accessibility settings. You may access accessibility from the Settings menu. Select Vibration & haptic intensity from the Interaction Controls menu. Select the vibration setting that best suits your needs, and then turn it on.

Modify Vibration Intensity

Try increasing the vibration strength if your Android still doesn’t vibrate after altering all the options. Here are the answers to the issue. Go to Settings and then Sound & vibration. Select Vibration intensity on your Android to change the vibration volume. The sliders allow you to modify the level of vibration experienced during incoming calls, alarms, and touch interactions. Take help from a cell phone repair store and let them set the vibration intensity for you.

Test Vibration Motor

Your Android smartphone may not vibrate after attempting these techniques owing to a physical issue. The Android won’t vibrate if the vibration motor fails. You can eliminate the possibility by testing the vibration motor in the phone’s secret service menu. Type *#0*# on your phone’s keypad to access support options. Vibration is activated by tapping the tile.

Reset App Preferences

If you modify security settings, ban applications, or disable system operations, your Android phone may not vibrate. Resetting your phone’s app preferences may cure this issue. Go to System, and click on Reset in settings to factory reset your Android. After choosing App Preferences to erase, choose Reset Apps to confirm. Android phones must vibrate now. Let a phone repair center reset app preferences for you if you are having trouble doing it yourself.

Try Safe Mode

Android’s Safe Mode is essential for troubleshooting. Restarting in Safe Mode will reveal which background program is causing the vibration issue. Hold the power button until the menu appears and choose “Safe Mode” to put your Android in safe mode. When prompted, press Restart and choose OK.

Install Software Update

The manufacturer should fix your phone’s vibration problem after installing the latest Android version. To test if it helps, check for Android updates and install them immediately. Ask an Android phone repair to find the software updates on your device if you are having trouble finding them yourself.

Factory Reset Android

If neither of the above methods works, return your Android to factory settings. Restoring to factory settings should fix your phone’s vibration problem. Go to System and choose Reset in Settings does a factory reset. Erase all data to return your smartphone to factory settings. “Erase all data” from the bottom menu. Let a phone and computer repair shop factory reset your phone for you if you can not do it yourself.


Try these solutions to fix vibration issues in your device. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to manage and resolve your phone vibration problems. If you still haven’t got the issue fixed it is better to consider a professional cell phone repair store in Pensacola to help resolve the problem. Mobile Solutions is a well-known phone repair service store that takes care of your phone repair needs so that you don’t have to take the stress. We will go through your phone settings and help you with the best possible solutions to get this issue resolved.

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