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Phone Not Charging: Help From A Cell Phone Repair Store

Are you having a problem with charging your phone? Don’t worry we are here for your help. In this article, we will talk about the best possible solutions that you can consider for fixing your charging issues. Make sure to follow these tips whenever you are having a problem charging your phone next time. Or you can get a professional cell phone repair store in Pensacola services to get the problems fixed for yourself. Ask Mobile Solutions for your phone repair services because we are efficient and affordable. We will make sure to fix your phone and provide you with the most reliable services.

Phone Not Charging Fixes By A Cell Phone Repair Store

These are some solutions that you can consider if your phone is not charging properly. Make sure to reboot your device first or you can also put it in safe mode for fixing the charging problem. Try switching to a different adaptor, cable, or socket for fixing the charging problem. Or you can get your charging port changed to resolve the issue. Make sure that the problem is not due to a software issue or see if your phone has undergone water damage. Ask a cell phone repair store in Pensacola for professional phone repair services.

Reboot Your Phone

Before you start to worry and look for answers on the Internet, try restarting your phone to find out why it isn’t charging. Your phone may not charge due to a loose connection. To make sure the problem won’t go away, reboot right away. If your phone won’t charge, restart it. Putting an end to background checks. If a key part of your phone breaks while you are using it, you can fix it by restarting it. When you hold down the power button and choose “Restart,” your phone restarts quickly. Restarting the phone should get the charging back. Or hire a professional phone and computer repair in Pensacola for further help.

Try Putting Your Phone In Safe Mode

If none of these work, try resetting your phone in “safe mode” if it still won’t charge. Safe mode is how Android starts up. If your phone charges when it’s in “safe mode,” it’s because of an outside app or service. After figuring out what the problem is, check for recently installed software. Your charging problems are likely caused by one of these. The power button on the newest Android phones is used to turn on safe mode. Restarting your device exits the safe mode. Ask a cell phone repair store to do this for you if you are unable to do it yourself.

Switch To A Different Socket/Cable/Adapter

Try charging your phone with a different cable, adapter, or power source if the cable is broken. The best way to check the cord is to connect your phone to a computer through USB. If switching the cables works, you might want to replace them. Buy accessories from brands like Anker that you know and trust.

Make Sure It’s Not A Software Bug

It can be a software issue if your phone is charging but the screen doesn’t indicate that it is. By installing the Ampere app, you can determine if your phone is receiving electricity. Ampere is a simple software that displays how much energy is being used to charge and discharge your phone. Ampere has a few additional useful features as well. The battery health indicator displays temperature, voltage, and charge. Ask the repair center for figuring it out if the problem is due to hardware or software damage.

Clean The Charging Port

If the Ampere app says your phone isn’t charging, dirt may be blocking the port. Dust may easily block the charging port, preventing your smartphone from charging. A dry cotton swab may gently clean the affected area. Avoid jamming your charging port with your fingers. Let a phone and computer repair shop do this for you as trying to fix the port yourself might end up damaging it even more.

Look For Water Damage

Never charge your phone if water has entered inside. Dry your phone. Put it in rice or use a hairdryer. However, wait 24 hours before recharging your phone. Plug your phone in 24 hours after it has dried. Drying may restore the charging problem. Take your phone to Android phone repair for getting your phone fixed if it has undergone water damage. This will help you get the best results.


You can follow these tips if you are having a problem with charging your phone next time. Make sure to try each strategy so that you can get the best results in the end. Or hire a professional cell phone repair store in Pensacola to save your time and effort. Mobile Solutions is considered the best repair service provider in the market. We have a wide range of mobile repair services that can ensure that you can use your phone smoothly without any trouble. Contact us and let us know your problems and we would love to help.

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