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Troubleshooting Freezing Phone With Cell Phone Repair Store

Do you own a dated Android smartphone that isn’t functioning properly anymore? When you launch an app or answer a call, does your phone freeze? If so, you are not by yourself. Even the most expensive Android cell phones can occasionally become frozen by a software flaw.

To troubleshoot such problems, you should consult a reliable cell phone repair store in Pensacola. At Mobile Solutions, we address all your phone-related problems with great expertise and experience. All you have to do is get in touch with us and rest your trust in our services.

This blog will help you deal with issues such as freezing your phone, especially when you run a specific app or program.

Tips for Troubleshooting Freezing Phone By Cell Phone Repair Store

Customers and manufacturers have always chosen the Android repair operating system. On one end of the scale, businesses can alter the open-source Android code to create custom skins that change how their handsets feel. On the other hand, customers who buy Android smartphones can personalize their phones any way they like, download the necessary files from third-party sources, and use the apps they desire.

The screen of your Android phone will not respond to touch inputs when it freezes. As a result, it is challenging to solve the issue, especially when you are at a loss for what to do. Fortunately, there are several fixes for Android phones that have frozen. Therefore, you need the services of a cell phone repair store in Pensacola.

Check the storage after restarting your Android device.

When your Android device freezes, restarting it should be your first course of action. Holding down the power button for roughly 30 seconds can reset your device, according to Google’s official help page. Don’t unlock the phone right away after it starts up. Give it some time to activate all of the system components and prepare. To see if it functions better, get beyond the lock screen now.

Restarting your Android phone should solve the issue if it was an isolated incident brought on by a bug or fault. To check the storage space, nevertheless, if your phone freezes frequently. Delete unused apps and files to make space if your storage is getting low. If this does not resolve the issue, talk to an expert at computer repair in Pensacola.

On your Android phone, start by erasing duplicate images or screenshots. If you have a Google Photos backup of your material, remove it from your offline storage to free up some space.

Take any downloaded movies or web series out of your computer because they take up a lot of space. They are located in the Files app’s Downloads section.

Apps you don’t use frequently should be uninstalled. For instance, your Android phone may have multiple cab service apps installed. Keep the one you use most often, and get rid of the rest.

Continue to defragment your memory, particularly if you use an outdated Android phone with little RAM. For a complete app shutdown, navigate to the recent apps section and select “Clear All.”
App and operating system upgrades should be checked.

Lacking Software

Software problems are a problem for Android phones as much as iPhones. The Android operating system is not the only one to have software problems. Your Android phone’s installed apps can sometimes act erratically as well. In February 2022, for example, the Google Pictures app upgrade caused many Pixel smartphones to crash.

But, if a newer version of the software is available in either scenario, you should check for updates and upgrades. You can keep your phone up to date with the help of an expert at the cell phone repair store in Pensacola.
To check for Android OS upgrades, follow these steps.

● Open the Notification area by swiping down from the top.
● By tapping the gear-shaped symbol, you may access the Settings app.
● Open System at the bottom of the page, then press System update.
● If an update is available, the System Update section will let you know. Install the update by adhering to the on-screen instructions if Google has made one available.
● As was already noted, problematic apps might potentially crash and cause your phone to freeze. Try closing the app first from the recent apps option. If it doesn’t work, try updating the app using the instructions below.

Reset All Settings to Default

Check your Android phone for viruses and uninstall it as a last resort. You might need to reset the factory settings on your Android phone if that doesn’t work. Everything of the phone’s data, app information, and saved settings are removed throughout this process.

Create a local backup on your desktop or Google Drive if you have adequate space before resetting your smartphone. It is better to take help from an expert at an android phone repair in Pensacola for storage and recovery of your data.


The Mobile Expert has the solutions for all your mobile-related problems. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and explain your problem. We prioritize customer satisfaction and it makes us the best cell phone repair store in Pensacola. Contact us or book an appointment.

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